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My Why: A Story

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

I’ve seen a lot of blog posts recently about the importance of finding your why, or how to find your why, or what it means to have a why. This will not be one of those posts. I have very little advice when it comes to discovering your why, as I myself still seem to be searching for my own why. Recently, I’ve been trying to piece together my two biggest passions and make them connect.

You probably don’t know this, but I consider myself a writer. I’ve been writing stories since I was a child. I love creating characters, building words, and finding that perfect word to end a sentence. Writing is what I think I was meant to do; I’ve thought this for a long time. And then five years ago crochet came into my life. Writing took a back seat for a time as I explored this new hobby. It’s been challenging balancing things; I like to give 100% of my attention to whatever I’m working on, be that a crochet project or a new story. But recently, I’ve been working to join the two together.

Cuddly Critters, crocheted unicorn, fox, and cow

So my why, or my current why, is to tell stories through crochet. Each of my Cuddly Critters has a personality, a little back-story that goes a long with their character. I’ve been designing a new series that has a connection to magic, and each doll in that series will have a personality. Since the words “storytelling through crochet” popped into my head, I’ve been more excited to make. I’ve had new ideas, a new process for coming up with ideas, and it’s brought a new energy to my crochet.

I think it’s important to discover your own why. Knowing why you’re doing what your doing gives you intention and will help you move your passion forward. But I don’t think it’s important to have one why, I think you could have a couple or change them overtime. You are a complex artist, you are going to be changing and growing constantly. It’s okay if your intentions and creations change too. I’ve allowed myself the space to think this way, and let me tell you, it is freeing.

Cuthbert the Cow, crocheted cow

So I guess I do have some advice, which is to let yourself grow, and don’t be afraid to open the door when a new idea comes knocking.

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